Why Did I Start a Blog?

Hello readers. Today I’m going to answer the question above. Ive gotten asked it several times since I started my blog so lets dig in! Why did you start a blog?

My original intention was not to start a blog, but an Etsy shop, which you can view here. I wanted to create some beautiful sprinkle blends to sell to others that I knew were searching for the same thing. Lets break that down even further: The reason I wanted to start or sell anything? Financial stability.

My previous position was a nightmare. They expected me to be available around the clock for their every whim. 80 hour work weeks weren’t out of the question. 4am text messages, 11pm phone calls. After 16 months, I’d had it. They’d had it with me. Long story short, I no longer work there. So i’ve been without any type on income going on three months as I write this. Thats rough.

I was doing some research during my new found free time and everything kept coming back to the same thing: Multiple income streams. Thats right, you need a main hustle and a side hustle. The side hustle is something you can do while you still work full time and creates a second income. That second income can create financial security for you and your family. In my case, I want this to eventually become my full time gig. I have come to the conclusion that I no longer want to be a chef. The hours suck, the pay isn’t great and there is no stability. Also, where I live, there isn’t a huge call for pastry chefs or really chefs in general. Why not move, right? Well, Lorelei, my daughter, is the reason Im here. She’s the reason for everything I do. I can put my dreams on hold for 10 more years until she graduates high school. Nothing is worth more than coming home to that little girl. Nothing.

Photo by Abby Reid at Chickadee Photography by Abby

Back to the topic: Creating multiple income streams. I would highly suggest this for anyone. It doesn’t mean that you have to sell sprinkles. There are some multi level marketing companies that make people a lot of money. You can become an affiliate marketer, start a blog with it. Become a seller on Amazon, sell your art on Etsy. There really are no limits as long as you are willing to put in the work. So check it out, do your research, find your side hustle. Who doesn’t want financial freedom? I know I do!

Until next time, happy baking!



One thought on “Why Did I Start a Blog?”

  1. I guess you could say my side hustle is teaching, but eventually I would like my main hustle to be creating cakes through my own business. You explained it very well! 🙂


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