Behind the scenes!

Welcome back! Today I’m going to lift the veil as it were, and show you how I set up for photos!

Photography, as any blog writer/Etsy shop owner/webpage user will tell you, is the most important part of your business! As humans, we “eat with our eyes first” if you will. First impressions are everything. You want your page to be clean, well organized and beautiful. Easier said than done 🙂

photo setup

Pictured above is a rig I designed for aerial shots as well as frontal shots. It is made of angle iron, available at any hardware store. It is held together with thumb screws, so you can take it apart and transport it if you’d like. It is also equipped with led strip lights to shine a bright light on the subject, so it photographs clearer. Led strips tend to give off a more blue light, which requires a little bit of tweaking in the editing process for the photos.

On to the background. If you look at my photos, it looks like a kitchen backsplash. I fooled you! Its two pieces of foam core taped together. One piece is covered with marble contact paper and the other is covered with peel and stick backsplash tile. This tile was actually on sale when I went to purchase it, about $1.50/sheet and i used 3 sheets. That totaled about $10 for a background. Pretty cheap if I do say so myself!


As far as the camera I use, I invested in a Lumix FZ40 camera. It is point and shoot but it’s also a DSLR, meaning I can adjust the settings to get better capture if I want to. Learning this camera was a pretty big challenge. The last SLR camera I learned how to use was in high school and it was film based. My how things have changed!

Thats it for my basic setup. I hope this gives you a tiny glimpse into how I created the photos you see on my site as well as my Etsy shop!

Until next time,



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